Tim Eggebraaten



A police officer since 1992, Tim has had many different roles during his career with the Detroit Lakes, MN Police Department – DARE Instructor, Patrol Sergeant, Investigative Sergeant, K-9 Handler, and Chief of Police from 2011 – 2016. Recently retired in November 2016 after 24 ½ years in law enforcement and 3 years as a correctional officer in Clay County, MN. Like everybody else, Tim faces the challenges of balancing family life with the rigors of the career and trying to keep himself physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. The emotional roller coaster of police work started to catch up with him during his tenure as Chief of Police and it reached a critical point when his friend and partner took his own life in 2012.

“The way Tim incorporates music into the presentation is incredible. It most certainly sets him apart from so many speakers … just cannot say enough about how awesome he was!” Randy Willis - Minnesota Sheriffs Association


Tim has been speaking across the country on his career, life experiences and his leadership journey for years. He now finds himself taking his message to the street: speaking on the challenges we face in finding the balance between professional and personal pulls, especially when emotions are at the highest. He is passionate to share his learning to help individuals work through critical thinking moments in their life, to recognize the tools to orchestrate a rhythm for success, and the value of finding the balance in each day.

“Tim was incredible! Insightful, fun, interactive and we all learned so much. He really made me start listening to the beat of our office and the beat of my own life.”


Tim has spent years entertaining audiences through his musical talent, adding his own unique style of humorous improv, creating an experience like no other. Having performed hundreds of shows, the Off Duty Chief is now combining his powerful message with his talent for engaging audiences of all ages and demographics resulting in life lessons to stay in your mind like your favorite song. When Tim is off the grid from speaking and entertaining, he and his wife Denise and three sons live in the northern Minnesota lake community of Detroit Lakes.